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Advisory Opinion on Illegal Drug Couriers

In line with the Department of Foreign Affairs’ call for a comprehensive, coordinated campaign against illegal Drugs couriers, you may find under the 10 recommended points issued by the Philippine Department of Justice for the Filipino public, explaining the issues surrounding the recruitment, arrest, detention and conviction in foreign countries for Filipinos who are caught transporting illegal drugs,

  1. Carry at your own risk

  2. Knowledge is immaterial and intent is not a requirement in drug trafficking

  3. Be vigilant of the modus operandi of drug courier syndicates

  4. In the unfortunate event of arrest or detention for drug trafficking, have presence of mind and do not resist arrest

  5. Assert your legal rights, inquire on the legal remedies and request for consular assistance

  6. Presumption of innocence will always apply

  7. The laws of country of arrest apply

  8. If sentenced; the government can only be of limited assistance

  9. "Blood money" cannot be paid to erase the liability of a person convicted of a crime involving illegal drugs

  10. Take full responsibility of your actions

In additional to the above ten points the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Aleppo advises all Filipinos to be always on-guard when dealing with strangers and when dealing with request for carrying of packages as according to the Philippine Department of Justice the Philippine Government can only offer limited assistance to arrested persons and cannot interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

We also advise for personal vigilance and responsibility on the part of Filipinos who travel overseas. They should not agree to carry any packages or luggage for strangers, even supposed friends or employers, or consent to carry packages in exchange for money.

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